Marika Kary
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Summerville, Cane Bay Nexton
1909 State Road, Summerville, SC 29486

I love happy clients!

I am a real estate geek of sorts... my undergraduate degree was in urban and regional planning, I worked for a State planning agency figuring out how to manage our regional growth and provide the best services for our communities, then I went into new home construction working with Habitat for Humanity, addressing housing affordability in Charleston.  Finally, I jumped ship and became a Realtor.  I love this job.  I know it's a cliché, but I do feel that we are matchmakers... we get to know our clients, figure out their needs, what makes them tick and then "voila!" we pair them up with the house or sales strategy to meet their needs.  Of course, matchmaking does not delve into half of what we do as Realtors... the negotiating, coordination, problem solving, economic forecasting, and retirement planning (all the stuff that matters most) but luckily, I enjoy helping my clients with those too!

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